testing testing 1...2....3......

I think I have the settings correct this time.
I just got annoyed enough with livejournal that I'm going to try posting over here now. I was in the middle of my first post in ages when my work got hijacked by a badly coded add link box and my draft didn't get saved.

Sooo.... what was I saying? ummm... ok.

Friday night was fun, got to hang out with Mary. She's very pregnant and was very very sleepy. So was her poor husband. We had dinner and got to chat a bit before she was done for the night. I got home around 8:30pm, hung out with Ira for a bit then got to playing Civ V. The best game ever. I need a better video card though to properly play it in all of its glory.

Slept in too late on Saturday. It was dark and rainy and we were tired. I made French pressed coffee and added hot frothy cocoa milk. A coworker gave me her old immersion blender and my favorite thing to do with it lately is froth up hot milk. Mom gave me her old Moka (that was the link I was trying to add, nothing fancy!) and I can make espresso drinks at home now. Then I made Ira some crepes stuffed with a mixture of bananas, honey flavored greek yogurt, walnuts, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. They were super fantastic.

Later that afternoon I finally got around to re-recording a test voice-over file. I have been so sick with the flu for weeks and congested that I hadn't been able to get back to this project in over a month. We set the futon mattress up sideways in the nook of the bathroom/hallway area and draped blankets everywhere. I tried using a less sensitive mic to avoid picking up all of the traffic and birds blaring outside our thin single paned windows. It worked, but it also didn't pick me up as well as I would've liked. There was a small background hiss that I couldn't take out... Not noticeable to your average user but I was sending this to an audio engineer and I know he would've heard it and probably cringed. I also ended up slicing two takes together and I was a wee bit closer to the mic for the second one. I wasn't perfectly happy with how it all ended up but I was getting seriously tired of reading that same short essay over and over and over and over and over again.

Later that evening Ira dropped me and a girlfriend off at the New Orleans Creole Restaurant in Pioneer Square. We have a lot of fun there and I was interested in hearing the band. I had seen Eric "Two Scoops" Moore a few other places around town and like his blues style. He plays piano and sings along with a stand up bass, drummer and AMAZING saxophonist. We had dinner which was good but not great and waited for the band to start. Beeb's friend Sarah showed up and ordered some gumbo. They have a drink there that I love called a Black-eyed Susan. It's rum, OJ and Kahlua. A weird combo, I know but I think it's damn tasty.

After a bit the band started to play and my friend Chastity showed up with her boyfriend Corey. Then our friend Huy made an appearance. We were all having drinks and listening to the band happily when they invited a girl up on stage who had been blowing on a harmonica. Badly. They played a song and let her hoot and tweet and then she started singing. Or moaning, I'm not really sure. Our whole table was groaning and shaking our heads. Chas said "That's it. We can't have this. YOU are singing next. What do you know?" and I said "uh.. Summertime I guess...."
Chas (who is slender and blond and feisty) marched right up on stage and said to Two Scoops "My friend Jenn the redhead is a musician and she will be coming up here to sing Summertime with you next." No asking, she just told them. When she sat down my name was called and I went up there, blushing horribly. They asked me what key and I mumbled "uh... A..ish... I guess" and they started to play. I started to sing and really wail and people came out from the bar and kitchen to hear me. Everyone stopped what they were doing to watch. When I was done a man came up and slapped a ten dollar bill down at my feet. Oooh, what a rush. Two Scoops asked me "What's next, what else?" and I asked for St. James Infirmary in A. They all started up and I started belting again. People were taking pictures of me and harmonica girl smiled, gave me a wave and then left. I shook all of the band members hands and sat down. It was a lot of fun but I usually like to be a little more mentally prepared when I perform and I had been getting over the flu so I wasn't even sure if I COULD sing.

We all left pretty soon after. It was getting late and I had more drinks that night than I had in weeks. Two black-eyed susans and two hard ciders and I was done. Pioneer Square was absolutely hopping as we came out. Huy was accosted by some shifty dice-throwers, Beebs was told off by a drag queen and I was gawking at all of the men and women in wedding dressings lined up outside a club across the street. With stupid daylight savings after we dropped Beebs off and got home and had a small snack, it was almost 3am before we got into bed.

Sunday was much much less uneventful. Ira went to work early and I slept in. He came home about an hour after I got up. We sat on the couch all the rest of the day watching TV and snacking. I cleaned the litter box and we took the trash and recycling to the end of the driveway. I had a headache most of the evening. We tumbled into bed around midnight.

Today I'm feeling 100% free and clear from sickness or congestion! I was ill off and on for about a month so I'm loving feeling good again. People at work are still battling with this coming and going flu and at least one guy in the band is on his 3rd round. I don't want to jinx it, but I'm so energetic, I don't even know what to do with myself!!!