Jenn Ollivier's Bio

Jenn was born in Northern CA back in 1979 and has lived in California, Nebraska, Texas, Florida and Washington state. Nevada City, CA is where she lived the longest and calls it her hometown. Now residing in the Seattle area, she's quickly becoming a devout Washingtonian. Jenn got her start in commercials at 5 years old. Her mother worked at a television station as a production director and voice over artist. When they needed a cute little kid in a pinch, Jenn was often called upon. At 11 years old, she took up the alto saxophone and played all throughout High School. As a Freshman she tried out for the school choir and was surprised to find singing more enjoyable to playing an instrument. At that time she also began participating in school plays and working backstage at the local community theater in Nevada City. She also appeared monthly on KVMR 89.5FM in original radio dramas with the Rubber Ducky Players. Some favorite roles included The Witch in "Into The Woods", Mrs. Kirby in "You Can't Take It With You", Crystal in "Little Shop of Horrors", Asaka in "Once On This Island" and Mama in "'Night Mother". At 18 she took on the role of "Shirley Valentine" in the one woman show of the same name.

 After High School Jenn worked as a cook and barista at Cafe Mekka and continued to act in theater both in Nevada County and Sacramento. Jenn also began singing jazz, blues and rock and roll with a long time friend Ira McCully. Looking for something different, Jenn wound up in Florida for close to four years. During this period, the only performance she gave was singing showtunes at a Women in Art festival. Upon returning to Nevada City, she found Ira again and the two became romantically involved. They started playing music together again, performing weekly at Cooper's bar and the Golden Gate Saloon at the Holbrook hotel.

Jenn and Ira currently live in Renton, Washington and are still performing. Jenn has been seen in productions with Evergreen Family Theatre including "It's A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play", "All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten", "A Christmas Carol", "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)" and "Leaving Iowa". In "The Rocky Horror Show" at Renton Civic Theater Jenn was delighted to play a Phantom. She feels very fortunate to participate with all of the talented voice actors at the Radio Enthusiasts of Puget Sound Showcases and was recently elected as President of the club. Jenn is currently singing lead vocals for the local Classic Rock cover band called UC7 based of out Bellevue, WA. She also works part-time as an Office Manager at a small software development company in the same area.

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