Typing Test

After reading a post on Reddit about how skilled typists don't actually know the keyboard and type unconsciously I got a bit annoyed. Not only do I sit in front of a keyboard day in and day out, I made a concerted effort in my younger years to type quickly and well by really getting to know the QWERTY layout. I did a little test and typed out the alphabet into notepad while keeping eye contact with the screen. I made a couple of mistakes here and there but not too bad. So I did it again. Then I started quizzing myself on the random location of several letters. Then I closed my eyes and typed out the alphabet. It was a lot harder to do than while looking at the screen for some reason but I was able to more or less effectively visualize the keyboard and this was the result.


Not bad I say! Especially since X and V are just on the the other side of C I'd say I did pretty well. I challenge you to try it for yourself. It might be slow going at first but I bet you know more than you think you do! It's good practice and it makes me very tempted to purchase one of these keyboards:

Sexy! Though I do admittedly still need to look for which symbols are above which numbers sometimes. I guess I'd learn fast!!