"The Dressing"

So many people ask me for the recipe of certain things I cook, but I rarely use recipes or measure anything. I've tried to describe how to make something but it just seems easier to show you.

This recipe is my first in a possible series. This is "The Dressing". I've been making it since I was a wee little nipper and have never measured any of the ingredients in my life. The dressing is something we make in our French family, mostly for salads but it also makes a great chicken or grilled veggie marinade (especially zucchini or eggplant) and bread dip.

Please enjoy and feel free to share this video! Happy Cooking!!!

Spring is Sprunging!

Since we really didn't get much of a Summer here in the PNW last year, it feels like we've been suffering through a two year long Winter. The gray sky and soggy earth has been so oppressive and at times I feel like we're characters in a depressing novel that takes place in some far off Cold War, Soviet wasteland.

The Oatmeal know what I'm talking about...

But not any longer! Spring has arrived in full force. Cherry blossoms are blooming, rhododendrons are out in full color and the sky is BLUE. I'm in awe. It's a magical wonderland before me. Colors exist! Time to dust off my short sleeved shirts and soak up the vitamin D!

Today after work I'm heading to my local Asian market. I'm in the mood to slap a whole fish on the grill and stand around in the back yard drinking beer and looking at the sky. My friend Beebs will join me and possibly our boyfriends. I'm leaving work early this afternoon to get a jump start on the weekend.

Tomorrow I'm going to head over to the Clink for a Sounders game. A good friend of my works for the team and has offered me his tickets for the game. I like soccer, it's one of the few sports I kinda get and don't mind watching. I like that so many other countries in the world are much better at it than us. It's kinda fun rooting for the underdog. We don't have to be #1 in everything... It's supposed to be a beautiful day. I haven't decided whether we should attempt to take the motorcyle over there or park in Tukwila and take the light rail. I love riding the train whenever possible but it's cheaper to take the bike. I just have no idea where we could park it and what we'd do with the helmets... or perhaps even the (GASP) bus!

After the game I'm hoping to finally get some recording done. I've been trying to work on this audiobook since last fall and have gotten very little done. The biggest issue has been noise bleed. I'm having a horrible time just finding a super quiet place that is also comfortable that I can sit and record. I get a few snippets here and there but I spend a majority of my time hunting down errant sounds and killing them. Ira was able to get his hands on a whole bunch of old hunter green theater curtain. It's heavy and ugly and best of all, free. He's got a system of hooks and lines above and around my desk. He's just gotta get it all up there for me. He's also got one of the windows covered with two thick sheets of clear plastic and foam. It's really helpful. I think once he does the other one and gets the curtains hung with dual layers of noise killing goodness and I wait until evening when traffic has died down, I can sit at my desk and go nuts.

On Sunday I am performing at my first funeral. I have sung at graduation parties, weddings, luncheons, county fairs, street festivals, retirement parties, shows and even a Women in Art festival in Florida. I've sung in bars, parks, coffee shops, theaters, churches, concert halls, cathedrals, bars, ballrooms and even an amazing old opera house in Italy. This is going to be a new experience for me and I'm really hoping to do a good job. It was the man's dying wish to have a gospel singer at his memorial service sing "Amazing Grace" and "Swing Low Sweet Chariot". I was called by someone who knew me but I don't know the family which I think is the only way I could do it. A friend passed away unexpectedly on Christmas Eve and the family said they wanted to ask if I would sing but I'm glad they didn't. I cried the whole service and marveled at the calm pure voice of the singer thinking "that's how you do it, you have to not know the family and be completely removed". I can get kind of emotional when I'm performing though and I really hope I don't start crying or choke during either of my songs. It's a paying gig, I really want to be professional and give the family what they need to fulfill his wish.

It's going to be a busy weekend and a friend loaned me The Hunger Games series. I started it last night and didn't want to stop but Ira needed me to turn off the light so he could get some sleep. I have a feeling that even with everything I have going on, I'm going to be finishing all three books before next weekend.