Since I no longer have access to livejournal anymore, I miss being able to blog. I haven't had as much to report really but at least having a place to update and look back on occasionally has been something I could have easily used in the many hours I spend at work doing nothing.

I had a doctors appointment last night and the bastards gave me a tetnus shot. I was 3 years overdue. The lady was so good, I hardly felt her sticking me at all but the pain, oh lord, the pain afterwards was miserable. Note to self; heating pad not a good idea after a shot. I thought it would relax the muscle.... no no no no..... I went into so much pain my teeth started chattering. After a few shots of rum, some Aleve and acetaminophen and an ice pack and I was finally able to get some sleep. I'm still in tons of pain today but not as bad as last night so I should be able to get some rest this evening.

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