A Day in the Life of Jenn: Tuesday

Day 2 of my busy week. I stumble out of bed around 8am. 

Paul is up already in his usual spot. 

Ira is up and home. It's raining pretty hard so he isn't sure if he'll have work today since he works outside. 

I have a performance this afternoon in Seattle so I've done my hair in a 1940's style. We're doing a recreation of an old time radio show that first aired in 1936. 

Gathered my things for the day. 

Not sure which pair of heels I'll wear. Plus I need to show them to the costume lady later tonight at the theater/church so we can decide which ones I'll wear for "It's a Wonderful Life".

Make-up case, panty hose (beige and black) lunch, fake nails.

Uhhhh... slow driving today. It's raining hard and there's a lot of traffic so we're going under 30mph most of the way. 

Now it's a little better. 

I forgot! Today is Toby's last day so the whole office is going out to lunch. Toby is the furthest one in the back. The man in black is Armen, the owner of the company. He is sitting next to Travis and Greg. Across the table is Deepthi and Katrina. 

Oops! Bright flash. We're having Indian food and it's really yummy. 

Before going back to work I stop and get gas. $60.04.... 

My make-up kit. I won't need my lunch now that Ira packed for me. It will be my dinner later. 

Work work work.... 

I put some make-up on. Also false eyelashes. Cute!

3 buns in the back of my hair. So much hair gel. It's crunchy. 

View from my make-up mirror. It's about 3:45pm. I have to leave soon so I can make it to downtown Seattle by 4:30. I also glue on my fake nails. 

Traffic was miserable and it started raining HARD. Then I got lost. The GPS on my cell phone was working pretty well but I missed a turn. The part of Seattle I needed to go to was a bunch of 1 way streets so I had to figure 8 my way back up to the right street so I could get to the Ranier Club on time. I jumped out at Valet parking and someone parked my car for me and told me where to go. No pictures, I was in too much of a hurry. Also, a couple nails popped off and I need to glue them back on. 

I found the room where we are going to perform. The club is a beautiful old mansion built in 1904. We tested the microphones and did a quick rehearsal of our show. 

Fancy fancy!!! I had a free glass of wine. That helped my nerves. The room filled up with about 75 very rich looking people. All of the men were wearing jackets and the women were in heels and skirts or nice slacks. They were a pleasant crowd and we had a good show. 

Going to the bathroom wearing panty hose and cheap fake nails is a TERRIBLE combination. 

I got my car back from the Valet. It's after 6pm and I've gotta hurry. 

Now I had to get back to Redmond. I had rehearsal for "It's a Wonderful Life" at 7pm. I was going to be a few minutes late. 

Traffic was AWFUL. You can see the Space Needle in the distance. 

At least it's not raining. 

Trying to take a picture of my name tag. I should be driving. 

Trying to get a nice picture of Seattle at sunset. 

OK, put the camera away and drive!

Going over Lake Washington on 520 Floating bridge. The waves were huge and the wind was fierce. 

Made it to the rehearsal only 5 minutes late. My hair and make-up are already done. We're taking pictures tonight. 

Actors playing "George" and "Mary". 
After pictures we rehearse the show for a bit. 

You can't really read this. It's my car stereo/clock telling me it's 9:35pm. I spent way too much time in the car driving around today. 56 miles total. 

Time to take off all this make-up. I love Pond's cold cream. It's the best. 

I've taken my hair down, face is clean, jammies on. 

Sooooo tired. Time for bed!! 

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