Letting the Days Go By....

I'm sleepy and fluffy headed today. It's been hard to get to sleep at a decent hour with Ira working at Village Theatre but I'm so very happy that he's working that it's worth it. Right now he's on the running crew for The Producers and it's a funny, exhausting show. Most nights he doesn't get home until close to midnight and then he's still wired up so he gets a snack, watches TV, takes a shower and crawls into bed after 1am. Unfortunately for me I am and always have been a very light sleeper. It's really difficult for me to fall asleep if someone else is awake in the house, I don't know why. Ever since I was a little girl I remember having to be the last one asleep. There are some nights when I can force myself into a light sleep state but as he moves about the house and gets into bed, I wake right back up again. Even though we have one of those memory foam mattresses that you should be able to bounce up and down on with a glass of wine.

So I've been getting to work late (not too bad this morning) and finding myself easily distracted. Tonight I have band practice from 7:00 to 9:30pm and afterward Ira invited me to the Opening Night cast party. I would really like to go. Maybe I will and just come to work late tomorrow. It's only a Friday. And I've been working late this week so my hours would even out.

I haven't been working on my own show right now and boredom is setting in a little bit. Work keeps me pretty occupied during the day but the evenings, especially with Ira at the theater, are getting repetitive. I make myself some dinner, watch a little TV, maybe surf the internet or play games on Steam. I do have some friends to hang out with and on the weekends I've been keeping busy. Last weekend was so busy and fun filled with friends and laughter that I kinda needed a little bit of a quiet break this week to catch up on me time :)

Still don't know what I'm up to this weekend. One of Ira's friends is having a birthday party on Saturday. Ira can't go since he's working allllll day but I might stop by. This weekend is supposed to be super lovely. Lots of sunshine and temperature in the 70's. If I go outside I'll just have to remember sunblock for sure. Last weekend it took me only an hour and half of being in the sun to get a painful burn on my shoulders that is still a little tender. 

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