Singing Machine

I don't know if it's the dryer weather or all of the singing I've been doing lately but I've noticed a squeaky gravel sound in my voice that will show up more if I'm not warmed up or tired. It makes me a little nervous. I've still got a couple of audiobooks to finish recording and I don't need a distinct change in my voice to show up in the middle of it. I also worry that I may have been singing too hard and some day might end up with nodules on my vocal folds that require surgery like Adele and Julie Andrews had to have. I think if I actually do some warm ups before I sing, keep hydrated and try not to over do it, I'll be fine. I just need to be aware.

Tomorrow we're playing one set at Seafair. I'm excited, it's a huge event in Seattle. We're not going to get paid much but it will mean a lot of exposure. Saturday we're playing for a few hours at a wedding. It should be somewhat low key and I think I can avoid pushing too hard. Sunday afternoon we're playing at the King County Fair for an hour on the big stage. This is our third year at the fair. It's hot, it's fun and we make a little bit of cash.

Not only should I try to over-hydrate, I think on Monday I should take it easy and avoid using my voice as much as possible.

I need to think about being a little more careful with my voice. I sing rock and roll mostly and it can wreak havoc on the one thing I love to do more than anything else. I don't mind if my sound develops a little "character" as I get older, I just don't want to inhibit too much what I already do and what I'm good at. I need to make sure I can keep doing THIS for as long as possible.

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